Research Protocol & Study details

Freedom to Speak Up Local Guardians Protocol


The Protocol will give you all the background information on the project and tell you what we aim to do.

Freedom to Speak Up Local Guardians Project Plan

The Flow chart shows how we plan to conduct this study within the time frame.


Freedom to Speak Up Local Guardians Project Summary


This Plain English summary will explain briefly what the aim is of the FTSUG Project.

Freedom to Speak Up Local Guardians Research Proposal Summary

The Proposal summary gives a background overview along with the research questions, aims and objectives. Information can also be found about the work packages that will be undertaken in order to meet the aims and objectives.


Project update March 2021

We completed data collection in January 2020, just as Covid-19 was reaching the UK. The last 12 months have been dedicated …

New paper – modelling “internal whistleblowing” in healthcare

A new study in BMJ Open (follow this link for full version of the paper) has been published by Paul Rauwolf, Bangor University …

10 lessons for speaking-up: learning from Virginia Mason’s PSA system.

Background.  Virginia Mason (VM) Medical Center based in and around Seattle consists of one 350 bed hospital facility and …