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Review of evidence registered

Undertaking a review of the literature and research evidence is often the first-step in the research process. The FTSUG project is no exception to this. Our activities in work package 1 includes:

“A review of literature that investigates different approaches used to encourage staff to speak up in healthcare and other sectors. This will help us develop our survey questions for WP 2”.

Good progress on the review is being made. We have registered the review with PROSPERO (the international register for prospective systematic reviews). Further details about the review, such as search terms used, can be found on the PROSPERO site here. Details will be updated as further progress is made.

Although we are undertaking a systematic search of the literature, we are not undertaking a “Cochrane” style review. The approach being taken is a narrative synthesis review, following the excellent guidance provided by Popay and colleagues available here.

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